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Stone & Grout Cleaning / Re-Sealing / Transforming / Polishing

As we all know how expensive it can be having a beautiful natural stones in your home (indoor or outdoor), it’s hardly advice
to do not neglect the maintenance they needs such keep them clean and frequently check the sealer effectiveness that provide the protection
of your investment. The sealer usually last between 2 and 3 years. After that time you should get your stones professionally cleaned and re-seal.
If your stones were polished and now they look dull, you should consider getting them professionally re-polished and re-seal. For certain types
of stones such Flagstone, Slate or even Saltillo (Terracotta), there are also other possibilities, for example enhance the color or even transform them to give a shiny or wet-looking.


Stones & Grout Cleaning and Re-Sealing:

This is the cleaning procedure for the maintenace to your stones
> Move all furniture from working area
> Dry vacuum
> Our secret developed cleaning solution
> Buffer brush agitation process entire area
> Hand brush agitation process of each grout line
> Extraction/Rinse/Neutralizer process
> Industrial fan to speed the dry time (during the job)
> New water and oil repellent sealer application
> Move furniture back in place

Cleaning and re-sealing your floor at only $1.40 per square-foot
(Min. charge $99.00)


NOTE: All the above cleaning procedures are performed with a powerful "truck-mounted-machine". For those locations (example at the10th floor) where only the "portable machine" can reach, an additional charge will be added. The reason is because the portable machine requires extra time, extra solutions, and extra labor.


Stone polishing and re-sealing
Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with an accurate estimate

Stone transformation (color enaching, shiny look, wet look)
Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with an accurate estimate

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